Is your sales strategy effective? Find out through a commercial audit.

Dare to question your sales organisation by means of a commercial audit

Have your customers radically changed in recent years? Or does your sales staff experience a high workload? Then you may benefit from a timely questioning of your sales strategy. Inventi maps out the challenges for your sales organisation in great detail by means of a commercial audit.

Our consultants have wide sales staff and sales management experience in different sectors. We familiarise ourselves with your business to understand it and to provide a solution for your sales issues. We use our knowledge to ensure that you gain new customers and see growth in your business with existing customers. This leaves you free to focus on the important challenges facing your company.

Mapping and optimising your sales organisation

Every sales team is, of course, unique. Inventi has developed an effective commercial audit that works for every sales organisation. Right from the start of our collaboration, we ensure measurable returns for your organisation.

  • We first review all the different components and then compare them with the desired objectives.
  • The next step is field exploration: we accompany your sales staff in the field. We thereby quickly move from theory to practice.
  • On the basis of these explorations and the subsequent reconstruction reviews, we gain insight into the challenges for your sales organisation.
  • We install specific deliverables with an immediate return.

A solution for every sales issue

Inventi's consultants have wide experience as salespersons and sales managers in different sectors. We understand your business like no other, and offer a solution for every sales issue. Our knowledge will help you to gain new customers, and to increase your business with existing customers. In this way, you can continue to focus on the major challenges of your company.

Does your sales organisation meet the ideal picture you have in mind? Inventi will map it for you with a commercial audit. Are you wondering what this involves? Contact us for more info.