The secret of recruiting successful salespersons? A strong overall approach

Successful recruitment: a job in itself

Recruiting a salesperson or sales manager is an important step for your organisation. Faulty recruitment results in problems: you pay for an employee who doesn’t seem to fit in with your company and you miss out on new income. You should therefore rely on Inventi - with more than 30 years of expertise - for recruiting your sales staff.

Spearheads of our recruitment method

In times of scarcity on the employment market, it is important to recruit sales staff in the right way. Inventi has developed a proven approach in this respect.

  • First, we together review the requirements a new salesperson must meet in order to be successful.
  • We then define a specific profile on the basis of this preliminary study. This is the profile we will look for via a targeted campaign.
  • Our selection method focuses on the total screening of the candidate. We analyse strengths and critical factors, so that you will know from the very start how you can make your new salesperson score.
  • You will see the final selection of the remaining candidates at work in a challenging Round Table.
  • Finally, working together with us, you will decide which candidate is the best match, and recruit him/her.

As our client, our recruitment method saves you the time you would have spent in searching, selecting and screening candidates. At the same time, you will still be involved in every crucial phase of the recruitment process.

Sales specialists

It is not easy to find qualified sales staff today. Thanks to Inventi’s image as a sales specialist, our extensive network and the impact of our brand name, you will reach more candidates who are looking for a sales job.

Targeted recruitment

How are we different from other recruitment agencies? Inventi always looks at the recruitment of a salesperson on the basis of your entire sales organisation. In this way, we never lose track of the ultimate goal: an effective and competitive sales team.

Are you looking for a partner to search, select and screen sales staff or sales managers? Inventi will find the perfect match for you. Contact us for more information about our recruitment approach.