Inventi: expert in sales training and sales management

Inventi turns sales into the growth engine of your company

In a traditional business model, it is important to score in three areas:

  • products and services;
  • operational excellence;
  • and customer intimacy.

At Inventi, we assist companies that want to excel in terms of the third pillar: organisations aiming to use sales strategically to strengthen their business. In addition to the training, coaching and recruitment of sales staff, we accompany our customers through all their sales challenges, from a to z. We build up modern sales organisations and develop effective sales tools, leaving our customers free to focus on their core business. We have no shortage of knowledge: together, our specialists have more than 200 years of sales, management and sales training experience in the field.

Internationally active, locally anchored

Inventi was founded in 1984, and is still based in Antwerp. Our training centre in the historic heart of the city has been specially designed to transfer our knowledge to your organisation in the best possible way. From there, Inventi helps companies in Belgium, the Netherlands and beyond to sell more - and with more pleasure.

How do we do this?

  • Focus on return
    We ensure the highest return for your organisation, from the very first step we take together. First making small successes, and then step-by-step to the ultimate goal.
  • Focus on growth
    We assist companies that want to grow by strategically deploying their sales organisation. You tell us where you want to be, and by when. We’ll do the rest.
  • Proven method
    We make sales teams more effective and more competitive using the proven Inventi method. Our customers prove this every day. Be inspired by their stories.
  • Your story is our starting point
    As a customer, you come first. Our method is adapted to your situation and objectives.
  • Total approach
    Every part of your sales organisation is always viewed from the perspective of the whole, with effective returns as a result. This is how you make the difference for your customers.
  • Field coaching
    Our method is unique in that we accompany your sales staff when they visit customers. In this way, you can see how our solutions support you in real life. 

Are you looking for an improved sales return for your sales team? Inventi’s method makes it possible. Contact us for more info.